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Launching a CID Section



Congratulations for founding a Section of the CID. Here are some ideas for action. As a new organization, it is highly important to inspire confidence. Your Section must distinguish from other organizations by showing it is a dynamic organization committed to constant growth.

A Section of the CID represents officially the entire spectrum of dance in its city. Try to attract members from all genres (ballet, modern, folk, ballroom etc.) and all approaches (professional, amateur, competitive, therapeutic, research etc.).


1. Email address
Go to click on Gmail and follow the steps.
Standard email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (for example This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
Do not add the word UNESCO to your address.


2. Website
Section sites have a standard name and address, like MalagaSectionCID (that is ...../malagasectioncid/) or Moscow Section CID (..../moscowsectioncid/).
Do not include UNESCO in the website URL without permission from your country's National Commission.
Visit other CID Section websites to get ideas, they are listed at:


3. Logo
The Section logo is usually round, bearing the title of the Section in English and in the language of the country. You can use a symbol of your city. Please avoid logos linked to a specific type of dance, as CID is for all types of dance. See other Section logos for ideas.
Use the Section logo at your website, writing paper, visiting cards, etc.


4. Writing paper
Print writing paper for correspondence. The paper bears two logos (of the Section and of CID), the official title of the Section in English and/or in the country's language, eventually also in French (the second working language of CID) or other languages. Full contact details of the Section. Avoid PO boxes if possible, or use them additionally. Ask the CID Secretariat for samples of writing paper.


5. Visiting cards
Members of the CID can use visiting cards with a design similar to the one of the writing paper: the two logos, the title of the Section, their name, their home or office address, the CID headquarters address. See the CID Portal for an example.


6. Door sign
Make a plaque for the entrance of the office of the Section bearing the logo of the Section, the logo of CID, the title of the Section in the local language and in English.


6. Announcement
Announce the Section and its contact details by various means such as: letters, fax, phone calls, emails, press bulletin, circular to your list of addresses, Facebook, personal visits.
Announce to:
6.1. National Commission for UNESCO. See list at the CID portal
6.1. National Delegation of your country to UNESCO in Paris. See list at the CID portal
6.3. Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
6.4. Municipality of your city
6.5. Arts organizations, such as Theatre, Music, Folkore, Costumes, Opera, Photography, Cinema.
6.6. The dance community at large: federations, organizations, dance schools, companies, choreographers, portals, festivals, clubs. You will find most of them at the Global Directory Just type the name of your city or region - if you get too many replies type your city or its postal code.


7. Title
The official title of the Section in English is always: City Section of the International Dance Council CID (in short: City Section CID ).
A Section corresponds to an administrative division of the country, that is a city, a municipality, a county, where there is a mayor. It cannot cover two cities or two municipalities.


8. Other CID Sections
The next CID Circular will announce the recognition of your Section. CID Sections, CID Members as well as others will be contacting you for matters concerning dance in your city. Please inform dance professionals in your country about the procedure in case they wish to found a CID Section in their own city.


9. Registration
Register the Section as a non-profit association. Procedure varies from country to country - ask a lawyer. Give him the standard CID Section statutes and the composition of your Executive Committee. There can be no changes to the standard statutes (constitution of the Section).


10. Accounts
Open a Paypal account in the name of the Section. It should be a Business Account linked to your credit card. Name of the account should be the name of the Section, for example: Paris Section CID.
Open a bank account in the name of the Section, you will need it to receive subsidies, sponsorships, donations etc. Keep an accounting system to record receipts and expenditures.