Guidelines / Procedure



Procedure for founding a CID Section



1. One or more CID Members nominate to the Secretariat other persons for CID membership.


2. Once there are at least 20 CID Members in the city, preferably from various forms of dance, the Secretariat sends an invitation to found the CID Section of this city.


3. The 20 CID Members sign the standard statutes, as well as the act of foundation of the Section. A copy of the act and the statutes is sent to the CID Secretariat.


4. The President of CID sends a letter of recognition to the Section and appoints a 5-member interim Executive Committee.


5. The Section begins to function. It increases the number of its members by recommending new ones to the Secretariat, and applies to the authorities for recognition of the Section and for funding.


6. The President of the Section, in agreement with the CID President, calls the members to a General Assembly where they elect an Executive Committee for 4 years.


7. The CID Section is in full operation. It represents the entire spectrum of dance in the area. It enjoys government support and international recognition. It can apply to sponsors for funding. It has its own activities, within the policy of CID, see Functions of CID Sections.